Friends, Bavarian-Styled Mountain Village, Wine Not?

September 13, 2018

As previously promised, this post has officially arrived.  That’s right, I spent my whole weekend indulging in wine (maybe a couple ciders too)!  


Leavenworth Washington


We were lucky enough to be a part of the minority who were able to snatch tickets to the Leavenworth Fall Wine Walk.  With just under 20 wineries participating, there was a broad spectrum of wines presented for tasting, as well as bottle purchase on site. 


This is a great activity for those who are new to the wine scene.  What better way to get experience (and most affordable) with several different types of wine.  The beauty of bottle purchase on site is that when you find a really great one, you can add to what will be a growing wine collection (Can’t stop, won’t stop!)


So this activity was brought to my attention months ago by my dear best friend.  Us girls instantly purchased the tickets and made weekend arrangements.  The hubbies on the other hand were not so sure about having to dedicate a whole day to just wine.  Nonetheless we convinced them that it would only be one day of an entire extended weekend.


They were great sports about tasting all the wines (with a beer stop or two in between at restaurants)!  I can confidently say that my husband was not converted.  However, at one tasting room there was a man present who could tell my husband was not loving the wine like the rest of us.  After some friendly chatter, the man grabbed a port and let my husband taste that (oh yes, for those who know about port, you know where this is leading)! Needless to say, we left with a bottle and a lot less pennies than when we walked in! 


Leavenworth Wine

For those who are unfamiliar with Leavenworth, WA I strongly encourage you to look into the town.  The town is styled as a Bavarian village in the Cascade mountains.  It is a great step away from everyday life with a plethora of activities.  For those who are not wine enthusiasts, it’s ok, there are several local breweries.  


Leavenworth Washington

For these quick weekend trips, you can bet I save time packing by grabbing our Travelbadger pre-packed toiletry kits.  Please visit for your upcoming travel needs!  This weekend was a great quick getaway for us! With great company, wine, and food, there wasn’t much more we could want!


Oh darlings, adventure ahead! 


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