How to Prepare for a Cruise

June 27, 2018


Cruises can be an ideal vacation strategy when you decide all you want to be responsible for is getting to the ship and then getting home from the ship.  This is highly desired amongst many travelers who already lead stressful lives and are looking to maximize on R&R during their vacation.


                Cruise lines have capitalized on this type of traveling.  Once you are on the boat, there are daily agendas of activities that you can participate in.  On days in port, there are pre-planned excursions that you can book or you can wander to your hearts desire.  


                Cruises can be a lot of bang for your buck.  A cruise allows you to see several locations in one trip.  The downfall is that you do not get to spend a lot of time in each location.  However, it does narrow it down to the places that you wouldn’t mind paying for a future trip.  


There are several cruise tips that I can share:

1. Make sure that you have all your travel documentation prepared prior to embarking and while entering ports.

  • Most cruises will make port internationally, thus possibly requiring a passport.
  • It is important to inquire about travel visas as well.  For example, a cruise that leaves Hawaii and sails to Australia will require a travel visa for Australia when you arrive at port (even if you are heading straight to the airport from the ship).

2. Once you reach the ship, it can take several hours for your luggage to reach your room.

  • Make sure you have any items that you may need in the first few hours in your carry on, which you will take with you when you first board the ship.
  • For your large luggage that can be delayed, there are heavy duty tags that you can attach (purchased separately) that you can slide your printed tags for your luggage into which indicate your information and room number.  This ensures that your luggage gets to the correct location.  

3. Utilize the laundry service.

  • Cruise lines usually provide a laundry bag that has a flat fee.  This means that if you are willing to break a sweat shoving as many possible items in the bag as you can fit, it is well worth it!
  • The fees paid to laundry service will likely be much less than the fees required for checking extra bags at the airport (or the fee for a checked bag thats over the weight limit).

4. Be prepared for sea sickness.

  • If you have never been on a cruise, be prepared to combat sea sickness.  Sea sickness does not affect everyone.  However if you have never been on the ocean, once you find out it does, it will be too late.  Trust me, there is nothing like battling the urge to vomit every minute of every day for 3 weeks!  
  • Luckily there are products to help relieve sea sickness.
    • There are Dramamine pills that help reduce motion sickness.
    • There are wrist bands that are drug and chemical free that put pressure on your P6 pressure point which helps reduce motion sickness.
    • If you know that you are susceptible to sea sickness, you could seek a prescription from your MD to help as well.

 5. Plan Ahead.

  • When planning your arrival and departure, make sure that you provide time for delays.  As we all know, planes run late!  

 6. Consider Travel Insurance.

  • Travel insurance can be a smart move for several reasons.  Whether you just want to cover the hefty cost of your trip shall something happen prior to you leaving or you just want to be covered shall your luggage get lost and you have to replace what you need.  
  • Travel insurance has a range of packages at varying costs to cover what you think is necessary.
  • I have personally used AIG several times and been very pleased.  On our last cruise, I became very ill and had to go see the MD on the ship.  When I returned home, I submitted all of my paperwork to AIG and they reimbursed me with no hassle.  
  • Unknown to many, if you are traveling internationally, many health insurance companies do not cover you abroad.  This is imperative to investigate prior to your trip for your health and safety!  



At Travelbadger, we strive to anticipate all your travel needs!  Please see to see how we can help you prepare for your cruise!


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