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How to Thrive During Cold Season

September 26, 2018

After all the time, effort, and excitement that goes into planning a vacation, what could be worse than getting sick?  Yes, yes, I know, there are worse things that could happen, such as natural disasters, but I am referring to a more personalized experience that effects just you or your travel companions.


It is sad to say, but when traveling you are exposed to a new region and a whole new set of people.  Even the common cold could be different enough in a new area that your immune system does not posses the correct “muscles” (antibodies) to fight the invaders.


If you happen to be on a cruise ship, this risk is greatly increased.  In this case, usually there is a significant variety of people coming from different regions and joining together in one space for usually one week to several, sometimes months for those hardcore cruisers!  


It is very important that one takes the necessary precautions to avoid getting sick prior to vacation and while on vacation.  Whether you prefer to take vitamins, Emergen-C/Airborne, or washing your hands religiously, you know what works best for you.  Hands down, washing your hands or using hand sanitizer while traveling, especially through airports, is a must!




Do not let illness wreck your perfect vacation!  Prepare for the worst, but proactively set yourself up for the best.  For all of your travel toiletry needs, including travel size medicine, visit www.travelbadger.com !  Together we can make that vacation epic!




Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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