How Will You Celebrate This 4th of July?

July 04, 2018

While the 4th of July is fast approaching, we are all preparing for time with friends and family.  During this holiday, it is typical to enjoy good food, take in the outdoors, and the most beloved activity, fireworks.  The mesmerizing beauty of those vivid colors bursting against the dark sky represent our freedom and the challenges we have overcome to achieve it.  


                However, how many of us stop and take a few moments to realize that as a nation this is what we are celebrating?  It is easy for us all to say that we do, but I mean really stop and think of all of those that have sacrificed.  The life that we all enjoy today, our freedom, safety, and peace of mind is all thanks to brave men and women who sacrifice their lives for ours.  

                I would love to highlight some great military blogs that focus on some of the challenges faced by our military today and our history.  As a nation, we need to take care of those who have taken care of us.



                This 4th of July, take a moment to thank those that you know who have served our great nation.  Enjoy your friends and family, great food, the outdoors, and revel in those fireworks!  After all, this is the USA!



                Travelbadger has the needs of our military men and women in mind.  Sending toiletry kits to family members or friends in active duty or just stationed far away can be a great way to help take care of them while they are taking care of you!  Please visit for more information.


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