It’s A Holly! It’s A Wreath! It’s A Gingerbread Man?

December 12, 2018

How are you all doing on our goal set last week?  I won’t sugar coat it, I have yet to succeed myself.  But, to be fair, we haven’t had a good snow cover since I wrote the last blog.  Heck for us, we haven’t even had a true snowfall yet!


This week I think I am going to indulge and let myself travel a side path.  One of my favorite things about traveling is trying new food reflective of the culture.  A make or break on a vacation for me is whether I was able to find unique eats that erupted my taste buds and blew my mind.  If I consider returning simply to enjoy a meal one more time, WIN!


 Although I will not be traveling this holiday (my family might seriously pout if my wanderlust got the best of me two years in a row!), another great past time that I thoroughly enjoy is baking.  Add in all the hours of The Great British Baking Show that I have been taking in and let me just say, I am obsessing about my baking list for this holiday season!

Growing up, my mother was the greatest baker in the neighborhood.  Every Christmas morning, all the neighbors would filter through to get their platter of sugar made with love.  When I say there was at least 15-20 different items, this is no exaggeration!  The memories that I have of spending days in the kitchen baking with my mother are some of my fondest.  


Christmas Baking



It is so easy to let life rush by, to be too busy for traditions.  Simply, if it wasn’t for our Christmas baking tradition, I probably would not get as much joy from baking as I do now.  Sure, I love eating the results, but more importantly, I love seeing the joy that it brings others.  I cannot think of a greater gift!



Oh darlings, adventure ahead! 

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