New, New, New … ?

January 02, 2019

If you are reading this, it is safe to say you survived the holidays (note: I am not stating in one piece)!  This new year, there will be a new you, and thus new year resolutions.


Can we take a moment to discuss the most popular one, weight loss.  It is understandable that this one is at the top due to our overindulgence during the holidays.  But as a dear friend once told me, “Holiday calories don’t count!”  


 If we look back into human history, the extra winter weight was crucial to surviving to the next spring.  Thus, embrace yourself, as spring arrives and you find yourself outside more, the balance will find you. 

 Since you now have to come up with a different new year resolution, I have a thought.  Travel!  It is time to pull out that globe, place a blindfold over your eyes, spin, and point!



For those questioning whether travel is enough to make you a “better” person in 2019, I urge you to reflect on your past travels (if you have yet to travel, then listen up)!  


To travel, experience new cultures (the good and the struggles), to be outside of your comfort zone, not only heightens your senses and creates new sparks in life, it makes you reflect.  Until you have experienced other cultures, you can say you understand, but you do not.   

 Travel provides us with gratitude, makes us more humble, and provides the best educational opportunity available to understanding each other.  This is food for thought.


 If I have convinced you, then visit for easy peasy packing assistance!  To all, I wish you an epic 2019!


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!


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