Oh Summer, Wait!!

July 18, 2018


               Have you stopped to realize that summer is already halfway over?  In roughly 6-7 weeks, school will be back in session and these beautiful remaining sunny days will only be enjoyed through a window.

                 If you have yet to succeed at making this summer memorable, do not fret, for I have a solution for you!  I have made it known in the past that I reside in the great PNW.  So naturally, I would love for all of you to come visit (if you reside here, don’t worry, this is great for you too).  There is no better place to fall in love with nature!

                 Take two weeks, pack up the car, adventure awaits.  With an example itinerary below, there is much to see!

                From stunning mountain ranges, trees you can drive through, to sandy beaches, this trip is sure to inspire.  With each trip I take out my backdoor, I am always amazed at all the beauty that surrounds us when we take the time to explore.  

                 Make sure to visit travelbadger.com for all of your traveling needs!  With Travelbadger, it’s easy peasy packing.


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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