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One World

February 27, 2019

To travel once, is to start a cycle that cannot be stopped.  As you are driving and gaze at an airplane taking off, the possibilities are endless but so is the desire to be on it yourself.  It crosses your mind, “An adventure is what I need!”


Airplane over skyline


This feeling lingers as long as you allow, slowly growing stronger, until at last an adventure is exactly what you will get!  Upon return home, you are happy, the feeling of returning home is an entire entity of its own.  


But unbeknownst to you, some part of you has opened, has changed while you were away.  So once you are home and rested, the urge bites again.  A new impulse emerges to satisfy this new found portion of yourself.  Thus, the unbreakable cycle explained!


It is not hard to believe that traveling is addictive.  Travel not only allows you to explore yourself, but it allows you to explore other people, cultures, and locations.  To stand in the midst of something so stunning that you are left speechless because there are no words to describe that moment or those feelings, is a gift that most would never even think to ask for.  



Most addictions are not advocated, but let me promote a travel one.  The path of self discovery and those of other cultures will eventually merge to show that we are all the same people just living life a little differently sometimes.  What is needed most in these current times is compassion and understanding.




Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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