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Part Five: The Voyagers Discover Soho, Chinatown, Ground Zero, and Grand Central Station…

November 07, 2018

The morning sun rose and the car horns could be heard, sleep could only prevail for a short while.  Although awake, exhaustion still loomed.  There was only one solution, coffee (I bet you’re starting to see a pattern)!


 With the extra energy in hand, it was in the cab and off to Soho we go!  It was not a particularly quick drive due to a fire the night before that caused road closures and extra traffic.  Little did we realize for the first half of our ride, we were sharing our space with a creature that had 8 eyes and 8 legs.  

 Amongst us voyagers, two of us were highly displeased at our added guest.  Relieved to say, the third (bravest) voyager reached up to the danger and SMASHED it!  Based on the network of spider webs, I could not help but feel that this passenger had been there awhile.  Whether or not the driver was aware that we “handled” his possible friend, I cannot say.  


 Arriving at Soho, we were finally free of the cab and onto the lively street.  Ducking in and out of shops, we made our way through Soho.  Onward to Chinatown!

The ultimate goal of Chinatown was to find some really great food.  As it turned out this was not an easy task.  At one point we had a waiter trying to bribe us into an Italian restaurant.  I said, “How could we possibly eat Italian when we are in Chinatown?!?”  Well he looked at me very strange and said, “But you’re in Little Italy.”  I stopped and looked around.  If we were to continue down the street it was all Italian restaurants on both sides, but when I looked behind me it was all Chinese stores.  Clearly, there was a line we were unaware we crossed.  As we turned back to Chinatown, the waiter cried out, “Don’t go back, you’ll smell like fish!”


As the hunt continued, hunger got the best of our bravest voyager.  Our code word for the day if any of us were to get uncomfortable was schucks.  As she exclaimed we are eating here and started down the steps into a restaurant, whose meat was hanging in the window, one could hear my solid, “NO” and the other voyagers, “schucks, schucks, schucks!”


 Lucky for us, two shops down, a TripAdvisor approved restaurant was found.  While the food reminded us of Chinese restaurants back home (unremarkable), we felt safe that we would not spend the whole next day in the bathroom!


Chinese Food in China Town NYC


It was time to travel to Ground Zero.  As we arrived, we could not have been prepared for all the emotions we were about to feel.  I am choosing at this point to not go into details.  Instead, I recommend that everyone who has the chance should visit both the memorial and the museum.


Names on 9/11 Memorial with flower in nameNames on 9/11 Memorial with USA Flag


As we were deciding it was time to head back towards the hotel and Grand Central Station, we realized what horrible timing we had.  It was going to be impossible to find an available cab at 5 pm.  After walking several blocks and coming up empty handed, we were about to dodge into a coffee shop to waste an hour and try our luck later when we finally found one.


 Arriving at Grand Central Station, we walked around and admired the beautiful architecture.  As it was later in the day, we decided it would also be a great time to get a bite to eat and partake in people watching.  


Grand Central Station NYCCeiling of Grand Central Station


As we started to walk back to our hotel, we couldn’t help but being a bit awe struck by the night.  The temperature outside was absolutely inviting for a nighttime stroll and the lights of the city glimmered from all directions.  


NYC at Night


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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