Part Four: The Voyagers Take on the Event…

October 31, 2018

As the familiar sound of my alarm startled me awake, the morning bathroom beautifying march began.  This was it, good or bad, the day had arrived and we would get through it - together.


Once showers, blowouts, and make-up were completed, we realized that we had a decent chunk of time before the big event.  Recalling a French pastry shop that we had passed the night before, we decided that would be the perfect place to enjoy a spot of breakfast.

NYC bakery Kaiser Paris

With croissants, viennoise, and coffee procured, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy our spoils and relax while we could.  As the pastries filled our bellies and the coffee filled our souls, we were ready!

Scrappy enjoying Starbucks in NYC

We arrived at the event early as to complete a few last minute tasks.  This provided an excellent opportunity to chat and meet some of the other vendors.  As the first guests started to appear, this was it, the Travel Media Pass had begun!

Travelbadger Travel Media Pass Travelbadger Luggage Tag and Sanitizer Pen

With each guest that approached our booth, the nerves of doom sprouted into pure rays of euphoria.  The guest list was comprised of magazines, bloggers, freelancers, radio personalities, news networks, photographers, and some celebrities (sorry if I missed a category!).  


The euphoria that we were all experiencing was tended and nurtured throughout the entire day due to the overwhelming excitement that these guests had regarding Travelbadger’s product.  What a blessing this feedback was to hear!


With an extremely successful turn-out, great connections and networking were achieved.  As the event came to an end (and even after) the profound feelings of the day left us speechless.  The smiles on our faces and the joy in our hearts were infinite.


This event was put together by a remarkable woman, Amanda Leesburg.  Amanda’s company is Leesburg PR.  Amanda has dedicated the last 20 years to public relations and has achieved a great deal.  Amanda, you are a saint and those of us at Travelbadger cannot thank you enough!


As the business portion of the trip was now complete, tomorrow we burrow into the city, the magic waiting to be discovered!


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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