Part One: The Voyagers Departure to…

October 10, 2018

I was dreaming.  Of what I cannot say, as every moment awake, details of the dream vanish from my memory.  Ugh, what caused this sudden interruption?  It is too early for my alarm.  But wait, I hear it again!  The whimpers of my sweet puppy, but oh so early.


I coax myself out of bed, the fur babies need to go outside and they want their breakfast.  This extra time will give me precious cuddling moments with each of them before I have to begin preparing for the day.  


I am almost ready.  My bag is packed, just the last minute essentials to add.  As I lay awake, the anxiety sets in.  As much as I love traveling and the way each new experience fills my soul, I can never shake the worry.  Will I make it through TSA just fine?  Did I give myself enough time? Will the planes be on schedule?  Heaven forbid, what if there is a delay?


I try to shake the worry caused by all the factors that I cannot control as I finish getting ready.  This is it, I am all packed and ready to go meet my fellow voyagers.  This is an official, much needed, girls trip (business and play)!


As we bid farewell to our loved ones, we are off, zigzagging through the TSA line.  As it becomes our turn, we are quickly pulling out our liquids and electronics.  Don’t forget the removing of the shoes, purses, and jackets.  You think you have it together, just wait, TSA can wipe out your “together” image in 30 seconds flat!  




We all made it through without incident.  With our Travelbadger toiletry kits that are TSA compliant, the TSA agents did not even bat an eye.  At this point, I do dare say, onward!

Our first plane was boarded, up, down, and landed like clockwork.  The second plane is where the disaster hit.  As all travelers know, if you are fortunate enough (sarcasm) to land a spot towards the back of the airplane, overhead storage for your carry-on becomes non-existent.  As fate would have it, we had to fight the crowd back through the tiny aisle space, lugging our carry-ons back to the plane entrance, and reluctantly checking our bags to our final destination.  Agitating, yes, but as long as they make it, no harm done!  


As the plane starts making its way towards the runway, we suddenly stop.  As in most cases, it is assumed that we are waiting for a clear runway.  After several minutes, the pilot announces that there is an issue with an anti-freeze sensor in one of the engines.  A reset to the sensor did not fix the problem and we were now headed back to the gate with an anticipated 30-90 minute delay.  


Naturally, the murmurs began as the last thing one wants to hear is that there is anything wrong in connection to an engine.  After non-stop efforts by the airline and several more issues that I will spare the details on, we were all moved to a new plane.  Due to the 4 hour delay, the airline kindly purchased everyone dinner.  Imagine, the flight attendants making their way down the aisle with bags and bags of McDonalds that they are passing out!  I know, new one for my story book!


At last we have arrived!  With all of our luggage in hand, we make our way out of the airport and into a cab.  As the cab winds and curves, we can finally see it, the skyline of New York!




Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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