Part Six: The Voyagers Final Day…

November 14, 2018

As we awoke in a dark room, separation of the shades revealed a warm and welcoming sun.  We returned to our beloved French bakery.  After our relaxing breakfast was complete, we had one errand we had to see to before our final day out on the town.  



Back in our hotel room, we finished boxing up the items that needed to be shipped back home from the Travel Media Pass.  As we finished placing our last strip of packing tape on the box, it was time to find a FedEx store.  


Lucky for us there was a store just a block away.  This was a large rectangular box, but with two of us each grabbing an end we were off.  Needless to say we got many looks, which was surprising (since we were in a predominantly walking city)!


With our box in good hands, we were making our way to Central Park.  On our way we stopped at a few stores, but ultimately our hearts were not in it.  I dare say we were shopped out! (I know!  The horror!)


Upon reaching the entrance of the park, we decided the best way to see the park would be via a horse drawn carriage ride.  As we set out we quickly discovered that we managed to land the best duo.  With our sweet horse named Teddy and our coachman named Angel, they were quite the charismatic pair!



With each fountain we passed and bridge we went over, not to mention the endless statues, the craftsmanship that went into every detail of the park shone.  




When the ride was over, we fed Teddy some carrots and said our adieus to Angel.  We started down Fifth Avenue towards our hotel.  Amongst the endless designer stores were some of the most amazing churches.



Stepping into one of these churches was like stepping back in time.  I could never describe how much detail there was everywhere you looked.  From each individual brick, to the pillars and arches - incredible.  Do not even get me started on the stained glass!  All the details in front of me did make me loathe modern style and its popularity.  



Grabbing an early supper and turning in for the night, we returned to our hotel room.  Each of us excited to return home to our own beds and loved ones, knowing that we had captured our own magical spark to carry with us.




Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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