Part Three: The Voyagers Explore New Land…

October 25, 2018

The morning light and car horns came swiftly.  Even a room located near the top of the hotel is not immune to such sounds.  As the buildings rise towards the sun, the sounds reverberate until at last they reach the open sky.  Nonetheless, the power of sleep held us captive until midday.


Emerging onto the bustling street, one thing was certain, we must find coffee!  Luckily for us, approximately 30 steps later, our desire was satisfied.  Now feeling whole and coffee in hand, we started to walk and take in our surroundings.  



We did not wander for long before we had a list of places we wanted to go.  This list included restaurants, juice stores, chocolate stores, and shopping (to simplify and name a few).  One fact became apparent, if you want something, walk around the corner and you’ll probably find it!  


With our coffee gone and so many restaurants passed, it was time for lunch.  Little did we know that we had walked into food heaven when we decided on a greek restaurant!  Cooked to perfection with ingredients so fresh, every bite provided more to savor than the last.  The true showstopper though was dessert.  Not being a huge fan of baklava, I was not too excited, but I am always willing to try.  With one bite, I was instantly converted to a fan (wishing I had a piece now)!



Our basic needs satisfied, it was time to indulge in retail therapy (which I must argue should be covered under insurance plans - it works)!  As the hours flew by and the available space in our luggage became smaller, the evening arrived quickly.

As we looked at the time and realized how far we had managed to stroll from the hotel, we knew it was time to head back.  It was almost that magical hour that would allow us to prepare for tomorrow.


With our nerves setting in, worry of the unknown - one thing was certain, tomorrow would be a day that words would prove hard to describe.  


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!  

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