Part Two: The Voyagers Are Not Out of the Woods Yet…

October 17, 2018

The delay, the luggage, the cab, ah but yes, the skyline of New York!  As we make our way across the bridge and start to weave our way through the maze of skyscrapers that Manhattan is known for, we all release a deep breath.  We are mere minutes away from our hotel and the tantalizing thought of getting a shower and going to bed is dancing in each of our heads.  


At the hotel, we patiently wait in the lobby for the manager.  Due to our arrival in the early morning hours, he is the only one available to check us in.  After far too many agonizing minutes (the shower and bed so close!), we were notified that the cab dropped us off at the wrong hotel.


At this point in the story, I am afraid that we must backtrack.  When we all eagerly climbed into the cab at JFK and we instructed the driver on our destination, we asked if he would like the address.  The driver promptly and confidently replied, “No, I know where it is, that is my job!”  At which point, we were sure we were in competent hands. Guess not.


 As we hail another cab, we were unprepared for this sour patch.  As this driver opens his trunk, we move our luggage over.  As my fellow voyager is quickly trying to determine where we are suppose to be, this tall and broad capable man looks at us three women and says, “Can you help me lift this?”  Mind you, all of this luggage has been lifted and handled by us so it was not that heavy.  

Feeling the wear of the day, my fellow voyager walks over, lifts the whole suitcase up on her own and places it in the trunk (maybe a little roughly).  At this point, the driver berates her that he could have helped and then starts in on all of us that it is our own fault for getting out at the wrong hotel.  Alas, chivalry is dead!  But so was born the joke, “Nikki, can you help me lift this?”


After successfully checking into the correct hotel and getting into our hotel room, the shower was the hot ticket item.  So the shower procession began.  It was quickly discovered that due to some jackhammering occurring outside the hotel that the water pressure had been decreased to nothing more than a trickle, but oh my what a trickle!


Crawling into bed, sleep came fast and the string of unfortunate events quickly faded.  Tomorrow we explore!


 Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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