Rain, Rain, Go Away!

January 09, 2019

As I sit here, searching for motivation and the topic of this week’s post, the only thing I am obsessed with is the shining sun.  How often in January are the sun beams so strong that they actually warm the skin they touch (at least in the PNW)?


Sun shining through the windows


It has been such a sad winter thus far.  Barely any snow.  As soon as it snows and stops, the rain is back.  A damp, cold, and dark experience it has been.  So sitting here today has suddenly made me loathe this winter and yearn for summer.


 A perfect day to just sit and bask in the shine it would be.  Just a little while longer I will, but then house duties call.  It is not all bad however, there will be homemade soup and herbed cheddar biscuits to warm my soul later.


Soup and herb cheddar biscuits


This week I am feeling the compiling exhaustion of the previous weeks something fierce.  It is time for a little R&R!  A warm beach vacation is all I need (all that any of us need)!  


If you are like me, needing some R&R and are lucky enough to be traveling to get it, visit travelbadger.com for all your pre-packed toiletry needs!  

Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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