To Bucket Or Not?

August 08, 2018

A bucket list.  How did this term come to be?  What is the criteria in which we all individually use to decide whether something or somewhere makes it or not?  How many of us have more than one bucket list?

If you become curious enough, as I have, to google the origin of the bucket list, quick skimming mostly references The Bucket List film from 2007.  However, there is the odd outcast here and there saying that this originated from the phrase “kick the bucket” which claims to go as far back as the Middle Ages.  

 As far as putting in hours upon hours of research to provide an educated argument, I’m not that curious!  With the fast pace of our world, I would much rather spend my fleeting spare moments adding items to my lists (Oh yes, lists!).



I have my bucket list for quick trips.  These trips are closer to home and usually far less costly.  I love to always have a mini plan prepared so when the perfect timing arrives, I’m ready to bolt!  

Then there is the mother of all bucket lists (we all have her), the one where responsibility, money, and family are not a problem.  The one that truly comes from our souls.  Unfortunately for most of us, we are tied to everything listed above and we have to chip bit by bit at our bucket list for decades.  

I will proudly say, that’s ok!  How much more satisfying is it when you are standing in one of your dream locations when you had to work so hard to make that a reality?  Without the determination, drive, and hard-work you put into everyday life, the ultimate moments just wouldn’t be as fulfilling.  If you are surrounded by luxury and easy accessed beauty 24/7, how long does it stay that way?


When meeting new people, I think we should all just start swapping our bucket lists.  What better way to get to truly know someone!  When pondering, to bucket or not?  I hope you always bucket!

Oh darlings, adventure ahead!


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