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August 01, 2018

One of the biggest challenges with traveling is one you might not expect.  For most of us, we can primarily argue one of two excuses, not enough time or not enough money.  On the surface  this may seem to be the problem, however the true issue is we have not properly balanced our lives yet.


Whether you feel guilty taking time off work because they are already short staffed or you are allocating money to other ventures, traveling has a way of taking a back seat in our everyday rat race of life.  

I speak from experience on both of these, I am still trying to find my perfect balance.  As far as taking time off, you just have to do it.  They will survive, I promise!  As far as money, there is so much info as to how to travel affordably.  


One of my main goals is to look into traveling more affordably.  Do not get me wrong, I think this art (and yes I am going to call it an art!) takes a lot of research and time.  When you are standing in a most awe inspiring location, however, it is totally worth it!


Below are a couple of great places to start:



With the inspiration and know how, it is time to make your travel goals a reality!


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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