We Are Women, Hear Our Roar!

January 22, 2019

It is a new week and I am glad to announce my soul is on the mend!  With an upcoming six days of freedom, some serious “me time” is overdue.

For women, traveling alone has been viewed as far more dangerous than if it were a man.  However, we have seen an uprise in the past few years of women challenging the norm.

Regardless of your relationship status, whether single, committed, or a plethora of options in between, waiting for the perfect circumstances to find a traveling companion means that life could be passing you by.

The problem is:

  1. Life is too short.
  2. Traveling alone could be the best way to discover you!  

Despite the peachy glow I am depicting on a self-sufficient globetrotting female, there are still dangers and precautions should be taken.  If you visit https://www.solosophie.com/solo-female-travel-hacks/ - you will find the information and wisdom you need from a solo traveler.  

travel is never a matter of money but of courage

Oh darlings, adventure ahead!  

wandering olive

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