What You Need to Know Before Leaving for College

August 22, 2018

It is the time of year where parents are either doing a happy dance or sobbing.  That’s right, it’s college time!  Now it is important to remember that your parents have spent almost the last two decades nurturing you and now you are leaving.  So be courteous of your parents emotions, they have earned the right to feel however they do!


Parents, listen up!  This section is for you.  No matter the brave face that your child has put on (and trust me, they could truly be very excited!) some part of them is terrified!  They do not truly know what to expect and whether or not they will be able to meet these expectations.  It is important that you keep an open bridge of communication with your child so that they can always come to you.  Be supportive, a lot of changes are coming for both of you!

 College is expensive.  This is the largest understatement of the year!  Unfortunately for most in the U.S., a young adult achieves their degree but has such a large debt that it can feel as if they are sunk before they even had a chance.  So whether it is the student or the parents taking on this large financial responsibility, it is easy to forget to have fun.  


Hang on!  Don’t yell at the computer monitor yet!  This is crucial to the college experience and socializing as a young adult.  I can speak from experience on this one.  When I was in college, I kept my head down and focused solely on my academics.  When I was not studying, I was either working one of the two jobs I had.  I did this to myself as to avoid the massive debt that would have ensued if I did not.  The result as you can guess, was I did not have much time left over to enjoy that stage of my life.

 Do not get me wrong, if I had to do it again, I probably would have done it very similar.  The fact is that your main focus should be academics, maybe a job to have some incoming cash, but to balance all of this so that there is time to go out with friends and enjoy this point in life.  Once that degree is achieved, the full responsibilities of adulthood hit and there is no going back.  

 While making the list of everything you need to go off to college, do not forget to visit travelbadger.com!  Having a toiletry kit on hand can be perfect for grab-and-go situations!  Be responsible, slay, and enjoy!


Oh darlings, adventure ahead!



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