Why Travel?

July 11, 2018

I yearn for mountains I’ve never seen, beaches I’ve never heard, and fields of wildflowers I’ve never smelled.  It is this urge deep down that inspires my love of travel.  

What inspires your travels?  


                One of my best friends is the most fearless traveler I’ve ever met.  Last year she backpacked through Thailand for 3 weeks and she is currently backpacking across Europe as I type.  Her inspiration is not nature driven as mine.  Culture is what drives her passion.  

                For many their inspiration is finding and trying new food.  We all know we have sat and watched those traveling food shows and wished to be transported to where they were because the food looked heavenly!

                At this point, you are probably wondering what I am getting at?  Yes, we are humans, so deep down we have different passions.  But why is it that we will save and spend large sums of money to deal with airports and long flights just to see a distant location in person?  Why not watch a TV show that features that spot or search pictures on the internet?



         In this crazy world of consumption, traveling is the only purchase that truly feeds our souls.  The passion that fuels our travels is so linked to our core, to who we are.  By escaping our daily lives, we are able to let life in.  

 Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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