Wine Not?

July 25, 2018

              Are the woes of summer sinking in?  You have been to the lakes and enjoyed the water, but the true heat is here and now the crowds can be overwhelming.  It is time to switch gears and find another way to pass the time while enjoying these summer days! 

                It is time to put on a nice flowing dress, gather those girlfriends, and go wine tasting!  (Men, you are welcome too!)  You might be thinking to yourself that wine is not really your thing, but how many different kinds of wine have you tried?  Could it have been that you were unfortunate and tasted one that highly disagreed with your palate?  All I am saying is give it another shot, you may be pleasantly surprised! 

                I will put it out there that I enjoy wine, I am by no means an expert!  As time goes on however and I try more wines, I am able to navigate a wine list.  Usually in my head these are the three categories that wine gets separated into:


  1. Oh Yes! Whole Bottle Please!
  2. Hey You!  This Could Work?
  3. I’m Sorry It’s Not You, It’s Me! 


                In my experience, wineries or tasting rooms will tend to be next to each other or in walking distance.  This is great because this gives you the option of making a day out of it.  In Spokane we are quite lucky!  There has been this great land development called Kendall Yards.  Within this development are two tasting rooms that have amazing decks off the back with a great view!  There are also other tasting rooms downtown, less than 5 minutes away.  

*Nectar Wine and Beer in Kendall Yards, Spokane, WA. (

 If you are feeling more adventurous, there is always the option of traveling to epic wine country and making a weekend of it!  Spoiler alert!  I have said trip already planned for the near future, so stay tuned!  Remember, you don’t want to spend time prior to your departure stressing about all the small details!  Visit for easy peasy packing.



Oh darlings, adventure ahead!

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